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Food Shows: My Grandma’s Ravioli (Cooking Channel)

As a regular viewer of CBS Sunday Morning I’m a big fan of Mo Rocca. He has a way of making interviewees comfortable by bringing them in on the joke. The comedian hosts several shows, but a personal favorite is My Grandma’s Ravioli on the Cooking Channel. Now in its 4th season, the show as the name implies, features Grandmas sharing their favorite recipes. We’ve seen Jamaican G-Ma’s creating jerk chicken, along with “jungle juice” which apparently has a secret ingredient that was intentionally never revealed (to keep people coming back).He also visited a retired Grandma who used to do party planning for foreign dignataries. Now based in Massachusetts, they made an elaborate lobster dinner.

Each episode culminates in a family cookout in the kitchen or backyard. It’s an appreciation of said Grandma, along with a celebration of traditions. Foods really do bring people together. If the heartwarming angle doesn’t work on you, it will definitely inspire you to cook food from around the world. While I never met my own Grandmothers, it makes me wish I had. Do you have any special recipes from your grandma? What’s your favorite?

My Grandma’s Ravioli airs Monday through Friday on the Cooking Channel at 4pm EST.

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