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Lettuce Sandwich Recipe: Wait! Don’t Go!

I wrote about My Grandmother’s Ravioli a few months back. It’s a show featuring Mo Rocca where he interviews sweet G-Ma’s for their prized recipes. This sandwich was inspired by an episode in New England about Lobster (of course) and oddly, lettuce sandwiches. Wait! Come back! They’re actually pretty tasty.

The original recipe which can be found here, uses white bread, iceberg lettuce, salt and pepper. We fancied ours up a bit using romaine. Also, we decided to chop the lettuce deli style + mayo + bread. If you have a good tomato, that’s a nice addition as well. That’s it. The crunch is oddly satisfying.


1/4 Romaine lettuce heart, chopped small
2 pieces of bread of your liking
Mayo/veganaise to taste
Optional: Slice(s) of chopped tomato

Chopped ¼ Romaine hard into small, bite size pieces. Toast bread to your liking. Apply mayonaisse or veganaise to your liking. Add on lettuce. Close sandwich and enjoy simplicity.


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