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Twin Peaks: Food Highlights

After a 26 year hiatus, it’s time again for a damn fine cup of coffee! Twin Peaks premieres tomorrow on Showtime. The surreal drama centers on FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Mclachlan) investigating the murder of Laura Palmer. If you haven’t seen the show yet, begin your cramming session now.

Food was both in the foreground and background through the show’s two seasons. At the local diner, Cooper frequently partakes in homemade pies and perhaps most famously enjoys “a damn fine cup of coffee”.

And always so many donuts. For a few episodes, the number of donuts shown keeps growing. First with a plate and then stacked. Luckily, someone with a fair amount of time on their hands put together this supercut of donuts:

Then of course there were the cravings the show gave me for something I never tried: Brie and butter sandwiches.

For the premiere I will tailgate in earnest, first with pie and coffee. And probably donuts for new episodes. Are you doing a Twin Peaks premiere party? What are you making?


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