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Bruh! You Got Columbus-ed: Chopped Cheese Sandwich

I’ve lived in New York for a number of years but heard about the famed Chopped Cheese sandwich just a few months back. Known mostly in Harlem, Bronx and some of Queens, it features ground beef, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and seasoning served on a hero. The beef is chopped up and mixed with the cheese while it’s cooked. It’s a bodega staple and goes for an affordable $4-$5. Naturally, it was jarring when Whole Foods gave it the Columbus treatment and starting selling it for $8. I can imagine the horror for those who claim it as their own. Much has been written about the origins here and here.

During a recent trip to the Northwoods of Central Park for my boo’s birthday we happened across it at Felo Deli, (23 W. 100th St). It was very tasty- just not $8 tasty. Like many other food items that get-turned high-end, I hope Chopped Cheese for regular people can co-exist with the versions favored by fancy people. Do you have a favorite place to get the sandwich? Is there something similar that exists in your area?


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