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Buckwheat Pulao

Buckwheat Kasha Pulao

This buckwheat pulao recipe came as a result of needing a break from rice and potatoes while fulfilling my craving for South Asian spices. If you’ve never tried kasha, it’s a nutty grain common in Eastern European cooking. It provides fiber and doesn’t spike blood sugar the way rice and other grains do. The nutty flavor is delicious and here it’s balanced with some brightness. As tested in this recipe – it works great with Indian flavors like garam masala. I also suggest pairing it with cranberry or other chutney. For those with allergies it’s also gluten free.


2 cups Kasha (uncooked)

1 whole onion


2 carrots, chopped into discs

2 plum tomatoes, chopped small

Several ounces TVP/Soya Chunks

2 bay leaves

4 or 5 cloves

2 cinnamon stick

1 t garam masala

1 t turmeric

1 t chili powder




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