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RoodonFood Reviews: Galil Bright Morning Cereal (Gluten Free, Vegan)

I have a ritual every couple of months of picking up tahini, pita and items like rosewater at Fertile Crescent, a Middle Eastern grocery. In a sea of primarily foods from that region there were several boxes of Galil Bright Morning, a product of Poland. This Non-GMO product is both gluten free and vegan and […]

Product Reviews: Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese

I’m a fan of spreadable cheeses, making a point to seek them out whenever visiting an ethnic neighborhood or store. But my streak of uneventful spreadable cheese purchases came to a halt at Fertile Crescent at 570 Atlantic Avenue the other day. This “Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese” was in the dairy case of go-to […]

Gullon Gluten Free Cookies with Chocolate Chips Review (200g/~7oz)

These were an unexpected find while on a tahini/shea butter run at Fertile Crescent, a middle eastern grocery store near Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Gullon is based in Spain and is one of the biggest cookie and biscuit makers in the world. Since GF stuff is so pricey, I was excited to see this for only […]

Unrequited Love Now Requited: Domty Creamy Cheese (Egypt)

Oh happy day! Awhile back I wrote about an unrequited love for Britannia and Amul cheese spreadz. While those products still aren’t available in the U.S, I’ve discovered one that is just as good. And such panache! Described on the package as “Creamy Cream Cheese Spread” there is no mistaking the confidence. After all if […]

Eti Digestive Biscuits with Oatmeal Review

The term “digestive” doesn’t sound terribly appetizing from the American point of view. Originating in the UK, the name just indicates biscuits which typically have a higher fiber (fibre) and wheat content than a regular biscuit. Additionally many are made with sodium bicarbonate which is meant to help with (long pause) digestion. The general flavor […]

Abu Walad Biscuits Review

How can you not love how happy that kid is? These biscuits were haunting me. Every store in Bay Ridge or off Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn carries them. Finally on a trip to pick up shea butter, they found their way into my shopping basket at Fertile Crescent. At only $1 it’s difficult to argue. […]