RoodonFood Tries Tropiway FuFu

Fufu is a type of dumpling eaten with soups and stews in West Africa. It can be made from cassava, plantain, potato and yam. From scratch, the vegetables are boiled, drained and then pounded down, with water slowly added in to create a sticky, paste like consistency. It’s then formed into balls or “dumplings”. You […]

Gluten Free Testing: Dad Edition

Several months back, my father starting having regular stomach issues. He’d tried antibiotics and other medicines which made it worse. His long-time doctor suggested temporarily cutting gluten to see if it was the trigger. Understandably, Dad wasn’t too keen to impose dietary restrictions on himself. The main grain they eat is rice which is already […]

Besan Ladoo Recipe

Durga Puja marks the beginning of festival season for Bengali Hindus. (Diwali is also coming on November 3). With this is mind I wanted to share this recipe with you good folks. Ladoos are a ball-shaped sweet popular throughout India. A favorite of Ganesh, these treats can be made from white flour, wheat, sorghum, or […]

Cholar Dal Recipe Featured in Khabar Magazine!

I wanted to share a bit of good news. My cholar dal recipe (or really Ma’s recipe) was published in an Indian American magazine called Khabar. It’s festival season for Hindus so Khabar was looking for foods that evoke this time of year. I chose cholar dal because it’s not the type of dal you’ll […]

Snack Reviews: Maniar’s Wheat Crisps (Ginger Chili Coriander Khakhra)

Khakhra are a crisp/cracker originating from the state of Gujarat, India. Generally they are made with wheat and various spices. Sometimes other flours are incorporated such as black millet (bajri). They’re often eaten as a snack or for breakfast. The dough is created, flattened and then slow roasted. Most khakra are circular so the Maniar’s […]

Cucumber and Tomato Raita Recipe (Indian Yogurt Dip)

Raita is an Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi sauce or dip made with yogurt. It’s often served with biryani but pairs well with pretty much anything. If it’s not too forward of me, might I suggest serving it with an Indian chicken fajitas? The recipe below comes from my visiting cousin who I previously mentioned in the World of […]

The World According to Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, within walking distance of CNN, Aquarium, Underground Atlanta and the upcoming Civil Rights Center. Devised to re-sell you on perhaps the best known brand in the world – this is the stuff of marketers’ dreams. As a rule I don’t consume soda. There […]