Food Adventures

Montreal: Poutine Edition

If you’re not based in Canada, Seattle or maybe Burlington, Vermont sadly there is a good chance you didn’t grow up with poutine. Montreal’s signature food is a simple combination of French fries and gravy with cheese curds on top. In the U.S, disco fries aka fries with gravy exists but pales in comparison. You see – […]

12th Street Grocery: Mystery Meat Sandwich

The term mystery meat only has a negative connotation, evoking perhaps to American readers the sketchy stuff used in certain fast food chain tacos or perhaps school cafeteria meatloaf. I have here though, one positive spin on that term. One of the classic things to get for New Yorkers on the go are bacon, egg […]

RoodonFood Reviews: Eddie’s Cafe, San Francisco Diner

During a recent trip to San Francisco we discovered the hole in the wall diner known as Eddie’s Cafe in Lower Haight where we were staying. It seemed to be full of locals – No people with hastily bought San Francisco hoodies or maps here. With only around 10 tables, it’s a small place. Behind […]

RoodonFood Tries Tropiway FuFu

Fufu is a type of dumpling eaten with soups and stews in West Africa. It can be made from cassava, plantain, potato and yam. From scratch, the vegetables are boiled, drained and then pounded down, with water slowly added in to create a sticky, paste like consistency. It’s then formed into balls or “dumplings”. You […]

Restaurant Review: Abidjan (Brooklyn, Food of Ivory Coast)

New York City is home to a large West African population, most famously Little Ghana in the Bronx. Since I live nowhere near the Bronx, I did some searching and discovered several restaurants in Brooklyn. Abidjan, is located on an unassuming block under the elevated J line, next to an appliance repair shop. Stepping inside […]

Bob’s Donuts, San Francisco, CA

I’d be remiss to not get this up on national donut day. San Francisco is a donut crazy town. Perhaps the best indicator that they’re a cultural touchstone are the donut magnets available at every gift shop. On our tourist itinerary was a stop at Bob’s Donut Shop, a 24 hour spot. We stopped by […]

A Visit to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, San Francisco

In Jennifer 8 Lee’s The Fortune Cookie Chronicles she wrote about the disputed American origins of the humble Fortune Cookie. Residents of rival west coast cities L.A and San Francisco famously went to court over it in 1983. The judge ruled in the latter’s favor. The forerunner to what we know in the States as […]

Food Adventures: Chinatown, Brooklyn (Sunset Park)

Yesterday was such a nice day that it warranted a long walk. This time the long walk took me out to Sunset Park. Brooklyn’s Chinatown is basically bakeries, grocery stores and odd mini-markets consisting of 50% diapers/baby formula and 50% cooking ingredients. For this particular adventure, I wanted to check out some dumplings which were […]

Sweet Saturday: Paczi Polish Jelly Donuts

Paczi are traditional Polish donuts with fillings like rose and plum jam. They’re particularly popular on Fat Thursday the celebration before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent. A few years back I got a bad impression of Paczi after purchasing a couple from my local kielbasy shop. Upon opening the bag, we got a […]

Margon Cuban Restaurant Times Square: Food Adventures

When I worked in Mid-town Manhattan it took a little bit of trial and error to find the good, inexpensive food options. 46th St between 6th and 7th avenue, just east of Times Square is blessed to have both Minar, and a new Cuban favorite, Margon. Like most places in the area, it’s packed during […]