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Georgian Kharcho Soup (Vegan and Non, Georgian Food Month, Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of Georgian Food Month. Click here, if you want to check out part 1, phkali a walnut and spinach dip as well. After running, I’m often ravenous. During the cool down, my girlfriend and I like to ask each other “if you could have anything to eat in the world right […]

RoodonFood Reviews: Sacred Chow Vegan/Kosher/Gluten Free (Greenwich Village, New York City)

Sacred Chow in the Greenwich Village serves up some of the best vegan food in the New York. It says a lot that as a meat eater I crave their food. In business since 1995, we learned of this spot via Groupon two years ago. The restaurant features sandwiches, many Asian inspired entrees, and a […]

Georgian Phkali – Spinach and Walnut Dip Recipe (Georgian Food Month, Part 1)

Part 1: Georgian Food Month This month I wanted to highlight the food of Georgia. This tiny nation east of the Black Sea mixes some of the best influences of Asia and Europe to create its cuisine. Famous dishes include the khachapuri (brick oven bread filled with cheese), lobio (a type of bean stew), khinkalli […]

Pineapple Miso Cilantro Sauce Via Vegetarian Times

Post Superbowl (congrats Patriots), we happened to have leftover pineapple (from pizza) and cilantro (from nachos). After a bit of googling I came across this Vegetarian Times “sambal” which means sauce in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries. We didn’t modify much from the original recipe except the amounts. I love how the miso thickens […]

Indian (Desi) Style Cornish Hen Recipe

This post is several months overdue as it’s technically Thanksgiving related. Lets just call it a timeless classic, okay? My Indian immigrant adopted the American Thanksgiving tradition for as long as I can remember. Some years we ate turkey, and other times cornish hens. If you like Indian flavors you’ll love this variation. Plus it’s […]

Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels Review

My girlfriend went gluten free around 3 years ago. Since that time we’ve tried several brands of bread including Udi’s. In that period she had exactly 0 bagels. Zero bagels in 3 years? In the northeast that is tantamount to treason. Luckily, the local grocery had them on sale for $4 versus the regular $6-$7. […]

Aloo Tikki 2015 Edition: Indian Potato Croquettes with Peanuts and Spinach

Aloo Tikkis are an like a potato croquette but with Indian spices. This new recipe adds a little more flavor and texture by including spinach and peanuts. The recipe is both vegan and gluten free. The next time around, I’m going to bake it to get a good crisp. Method: 6 red potatoes, chopped into […]

Turnip Greens Recipe – Ain’t No Thing

Ain’t no thing but a turnip green. If you’re not familiar with turnip greens, they’re a great option to have in veggie rotation. Like most greens they’re chock full of good vitamins –  in this case, vitamins A, C & K along with calcium. (Vitamin K by the way helps the body process protein and calcium). […]

Gluten Free Vegan Sugar Cookies

Christmas means cookie time. I love sugar cookies for their simplicity and their seasonality, plus bonus sprinkles! We just made our first batch using the gluten free recipe from Minimalist Baker. We followed the instructions fairly closely though we made them vegan by substituting flax egg for regular egg and rice for regular milk. We […]

Review: Hi, I’m Skinny Sweet Potato Sticks (7oz)

Usually I don’t care for brands with skinny in the title. I made an exception for “Hi I’m Skinny” (HIS) because they’re sweet potato flavor and it doesn’t have any of the aforementioned imagery.  Also, it was on sale at the local Rite Aid for $2.50.  Calories conscious folks will be happy to read that […]