Ma’s Creations: Quinoa Pulao Recipe

So Ma recently heard about quinoa from a friend. She pronounces the protein and iron rich food in the same way I did at first. “Qui-noa” rather than “KEEN-WAH”. I like the way she says it, so I haven’t corrected her just yet. My favorite recipe using the grain/seed up until then was this breakfast […]

Durga Puja Greetings + Pear Chutney Recipe

Happy Durga Puja everyone. Bijoy greetings. For Bengali Hindus this is by far the biggest religious celebration. In India it’s ten days long. Abroad, it’s more like two days and people try to squeeze in what they can. In mythology it’s based on Durga’s defeat of the demon Mahishasura. During this festival time in West […]

Pav Bhaji (Indian Mashed Veggies Served with Buttered Bread)

Boardwalk delicacies in America include seafood, funnel cake, ice cream, fudge and other treats. If you’re near the Jersey Shore, pork roll and frozen custard must be added to that list. When visiting Juhu Beach in Mumbai India it was exciting to discover their beach options. Most eye-catching was Pav Bhaji, Indian mashed veggies in […]

Indian (Desi) Style Cornish Hen Recipe

This post is several months overdue as it’s technically Thanksgiving related. Lets just call it a timeless classic, okay? My Indian immigrant adopted the American Thanksgiving tradition for as long as I can remember. Some years we ate turkey, and other times cornish hens. If you like Indian flavors you’ll love this variation. Plus it’s […]

Beer Reviews: Khajuraho Lite (Product of India, Lilasons, 4.5% ABV)

Khajuraho Lite is India’s first lite beer according to the bottle which seems surprising given how popular beer is on the Subcontinent . Coming from 40 year old brewery Lilasons, the beer is named after UNESCO world heritage Hindu and Jain temples dating back to 950. Perhaps the brewers got so exhausted from touring the […]

Eating with Your Hands

At our home I was often the one to set the dinner table. Unless it was non-Indian this meant plates for my parents but plates and spoons for my brother and I. Ma and Baba like many South Asians eat without silverware. Skilled hand-eaters like them are able to quickly mix rice with lentils or […]

Rice Recipes: Fenugreek and Tomato Pulao AKA Dragon Rice

Pulao, not to be confused with the small decorative dragon found on Chinese bells, is a rice dish popular throughout parts of the Middle East, Central and South Asia. There are literally hundreds of variations to be found. This particular recipe is South Indian. Just for fun and in honor of the upcoming season of […]