New York City

RoodonFood Reviews: Sacred Chow Vegan/Kosher/Gluten Free (Greenwich Village, New York City)

Sacred Chow in the Greenwich Village serves up some of the best vegan food in the New York. It says a lot that as a meat eater I crave their food. In business since 1995, we learned of this spot via Groupon two years ago. The restaurant features sandwiches, many Asian inspired entrees, and a […]

New Year’s Eve Festivities and a Look Back

How was your 2014? While things were fairly crazy in the wider world, I had several positive occurrences. In the current issue of Culture Cheese magazine,  I have a 5 recipe article on Indian cheese based sweets. It’s mostly a print publication but one of the recipes, a cheese log called the Cham Cham is […]

Radioactive Rood Man Tries Lebanese Sweets from Cedars Pastry

In the last few years I’ve developed occasional heart palpitations. It’s nothing debilitating but important enough to get checked out. After some initial tests came back negative, my doctor suggested a “nuclear stress test.” The test involves fasting the 12 hours prior. At the facility they attach diodes to your chest. You then run on […]

Reviews: Essentials of Korean Cooking at ICE

Knowing my interest in world foods, my sister in law gave me a gift card to the Institute for Culinary Education. Around since 1975, their notable alumni include Marc Murphy of Chopped and Gail Simmons from Top Chef. Reflecting the area’s diversity, the school offers scores of recreational classes ranging from the expected (Italian, French) […]

Mom’s Best Cereals Crispy Cocoa Rice Review (Gluten Free)

“Nothing goes better with books than cereal” – George Washington Life is sometimes about the simple pleasures. On Friday, I did my weekly run to the library, leaving with 7, count ’em, 7 books. Excited for the weekend, I strolled over to Life Thyme Market. Normally it isn’t hard to steer clear of chocolate cereals […]

Food Adventures: Chinatown, Brooklyn (Sunset Park)

Yesterday was such a nice day that it warranted a long walk. This time the long walk took me out to Sunset Park. Brooklyn’s Chinatown is basically bakeries, grocery stores and odd mini-markets consisting of 50% diapers/baby formula and 50% cooking ingredients. For this particular adventure, I wanted to check out some dumplings which were […]

Kvass: Russian Bread Flavored Soda

I’ve wanted to try kvass, a Russian bread flavored soda for months since reading about it in Elliott Holt’s engrossing book You Are One of Them. The story is about two best friends in DC growing up during the Cold War. As tensions grow between the two countries, the young girls write letters to the […]