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Feijoada: Brazilian Rice and Beans

Happy World Cup, all! I’ve enjoyed the matches so far. I didn’t see the Netherlands destroying Spain 5-1 coming at all. I was also thrilled to see the U.S beat Ghana 2-1 after losing to them in the last 2 world cups. In honor of the host country, Brazil, I made a batch of the […]

Resisting Unhealthy Temptations

Avoiding unhealthy foods like donuts might is easier with the right language a study suggests. Detailed in the Journal of Consumer Research, 120 students were tested on how well they resisted eating chocolate. Those who said “I can’t eat X” chose to eat the bar 61% of the time, as opposed to 36% from those […]

Kids Sweet Teeth: It’s Evolution, Baby

As a child of the 80s, curling up in front of the TV to watch Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of sugary cereal was a rite of passage. Thanks to science, it may not be as necessary to feel guilty about it. According to a small study from Monnel Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, […]

The Five Second Rule: Picking Up Food Off the Floor

Do you pick up food off the floor by invoking the “five second rule?” A preliminary study from Aston University in the U.K is backing up that claim. The study covered two of the most common bacteria, E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Their findings support the idea that there really is such a thing as […]

Breakfast in Other Countries

As an American, I grew up eating eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, grits etc. I’ve often wondered though what people sit down to eat for breakfast in other countries. This video via Buzzfeed answers that question. My favorite from this list would probably be the Indian dosa with sambhar or the Vietnamese Pho. Which […]

NASA’s Alcohol Prohibition in Outer Space: Where No One Can Hear You Hurl

In the 1970s after successful missions to the moon, NASA was interested in the possibility of long term habitation in space. One of the biggest concerns was nutritious and ideally pleasant tasting food. In both the Gemini and Apollo missions, the food was dehydrated and rather unappetizing. After years of research they made considerable improvements: […]

Valentine’s Day Plans = Making a Nice Meal at Home

Whether you’re single or have a special someone, I hope you have a great Valentine’s day. Years ago, my honey and I stopped doing fancy dinners out in favor of cooking a nice meal together. We’ve had some hits (pasta in vodka sauce) and some misses (beet risotto) but experiencing it together is fun. Even […]

Moderating Daily Sugar Intake

After reading this article from the Salt, you may want to put down that donut. According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, Americans who got a quarter of their calories from sugar are “twice as likely to die from heart disease as those who limited their sugar intake to 7 percent of their total […]

Gastronomic Voyeurism: Get Paid to Have Others Watch You Eat

Does it sound thrilling to get paid $9,000 per month to have people watch you eat food online? As with anything on the internet, there is a market for that. It’s called “gastronomic voyeurism.” According to Reuters, at least 3,500 of these internet shows stream in South Korea. In the picture is Park Seo-Yeon who […]

Superbowl Sunday Provisions

Happy Superbowl Sunday or as Stephen Colbert calls it “Superb Owl Sunday.” Today the Seattle Seahawks and their young QB Russell Wilson take on the Denver Broncos and future hall of famer Peyton Manning. With the top defense (Seattle) taking on the top offense (Denver), here’s to an exciting game. I don’t have specific allegiance […]