Product Reviews

RoodonFood Reviews: Galil Bright Morning Cereal (Gluten Free, Vegan)

I have a ritual every couple of months of picking up tahini, pita and items like rosewater at Fertile Crescent, a Middle Eastern grocery. In a sea of primarily foods from that region there were several boxes of Galil Bright Morning, a product of Poland. This Non-GMO product is both gluten free and vegan and […]

Snack Reviews: Anand Jack Fruit Chips (Product of India, 7oz/200g)

Jack fruit is the largest fruit tree in the world. Native to India, it also grows in other tropical climates such as Bangladesh. According to one study, they’re one of the most nutritious fruits including vitamin b, potassium and protein. Additionally, they’re low in calories. This is one of the reasons they’re promoting it in […]

Kvass: Russian Bread Flavored Soda

I’ve wanted to try kvass, a Russian bread flavored soda for months since reading about it in Elliott Holt’s engrossing book You Are One of Them. The story is about two best friends in DC growing up during the Cold War. As tensions grow between the two countries, the young girls write letters to the […]

Product Reviews: Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese

I’m a fan of spreadable cheeses, making a point to seek them out whenever visiting an ethnic neighborhood or store. But my streak of uneventful spreadable cheese purchases came to a halt at Fertile Crescent at 570 Atlantic Avenue the other day. This “Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese” was in the dairy case of go-to […]

Sweet Saturday: Catch Candy Bar (Product of Trinidad & Tobago)

Catch comes to us from Charles Candy, a division of the rather generically named Associated Brands Industries Ltd. A product of Trinidad & Tobago, this bar features crisp rice, caramel and chocolate. The sweet smell is immediately appetizing. Cutting it in half, the caramel is visible, but thicker than what’s found in American candy. The […]

Oloves Olives Review

Disclosure: These samples were sent to me by the company for review: Oloves is a UK based company specializing in, well, olives. Their products are available on airlines like Jetblue, Qatar airlines and many European carriers. I’m not normally a fan of olives, especially green ones so I was skeptical about trying this product. They […]

PopCorners Memphis BBQ Flavor (5oz) Review

I’m already a fan of several PopCorners products including Kettle and Caramel. Memphis BBQ is one of four new flavors that are whole grain though not necessarily made of corn. Memphis BBQ is actually made from sorghum. Clearly targeting geometry fans, these chips are hexagonal. Now I feel like a sucker for eating all those […]

Snack Reviews: Maniar’s Wheat Crisps (Ginger Chili Coriander Khakhra)

Khakhra are a crisp/cracker originating from the state of Gujarat, India. Generally they are made with wheat and various spices. Sometimes other flours are incorporated such as black millet (bajri). They’re often eaten as a snack or for breakfast. The dough is created, flattened and then slow roasted. Most khakra are circular so the Maniar’s […]

Product Reviews: Chebe Cinnamon Sticky Buns

Gluten free sticky buns? What is this sorcery? This box from Chebe was picked up at Stop and Shop for $3.99 – not a bad price for GF but you do have to add in eggs, butter, milk, brown sugar and cinnamon. Well, at least it’s all stuff already at home for most folks. Whereas […]

Product Reviews: Good Karma Flax Milk Protein +

This Good Karma Protein + Flax Milk was purchased at LifeThyme Health Market on sale for $3.99. It’s explicitly labeled lactose free, gluten free, tree nut free and soy free. The drink is is also fortified with 5g protein (from peas), B12, Calcium and Vitamin D which puts in on par with most forms of […]