World Cup Foods: Cevapi with Ajvar (Bosnian) at Cevabdzinica Sarajevo (Astoria, Queens)

The World Cup group rounds are winding down. Though technically eliminated, Bosnia is playing Iran at 12pm EST. This last match is for pride and to possibly to act as a spoiler. Luckily, the 21 year old nation has some delicious food to fall back on, including their national dish: cevapi (grilled sausage) with an […]

RoodonFood Interviews: ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food

Carribean food comes from the soul. Simple ingredients like red peas and rice, ackee or jerk chicken put a smile on your face and make you feel irie to use the Jamaican patois. ReCaFo, is a successful distributor of Carribean food and starting yesterday, November 11th purveyors of a brand new restaurant in Long Island […]

Snack Reviews: Swad Farali Chivda Sweet (10oz, Product of India)

I am a sucker for slick packaging. Most of the Swad brand stuff isn’t this glossy. The word farali means fasting. Chivda (AKA chewda/chanachur) is a catchall for a crunchy mixture. During the religious festival known as Navatri, many people fast (though beverages are okay) until the daily puja is done. There is a bit […]

Amaranth Spinach Recipe (Tandaljo)

I’d eaten spinach a million times and tried amaranth a few ways but never amaranth spinach leaves. Purchased in the frozen section of the venerable Indian American grocery chain, Patel Brothers, it was only $1.29 for the 12 ounce packet. The contents were frozen into multiple mini bricks giving them a futuristic look but I […]

Serbian Food from Cevabdzinica Sarajevo: Food Adventures in Astoria, Queens

As documented in Food Adventures, I enjoy checking out foods originating from different countries. Some favorites over the years include Georgian, Slovakian and Jamaican. When a friend of central European descent inquired about Bosnian/Serbian food I jumped at the chance. The majority in New York City are in Queens, specifically Astoria and Long Island City. […]

Garvi Gujarat: Taro Leaves Roll Review (Gluten Free, Vegan)

I’d never seen a taro leaf based snack at an Indian grocery before. When opening the package, the aroma of chili powder and amchur (dried mango) stings the nostrils. Inside the “rolls” were actually larger than expected (probably the diameter of a golf ball). The dried taro leaves are covered in gram (chickpea) flour and […]

Restaurant Reviews: Delhi Heights, Jackson Heights Queens, NYC

Delhi Heights is a relatively new addition to the Indian buffet friendly neighborhood of Jackson Heights Queens. Since I was there earlier than normal, my favorite spot, Indian Taj was not open. Forced to break with tradition I decided to check out these guys and their $7/ lunch box meal. The buffet had about 10 […]

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits are my favorite Indian biscuit. Not because of taste alone but because of association. It always makes me think of visiting family in Kolkata. At tea time we’d almost always have these biscuits. I love the sprinkled sugar and faint coconut flavor. They also have a fun rectangular shape and crinkled edges […]

Bolst Curry Powder (Mild)

Bolst Curry Powder Mild (100g, 3.53 oz) I’m loyal to Bolst curry powder because honestly it was one of first spice mixes I bought as my interest in cooking grew. I’ve tried several other brands which are all collecting dust. The initial appeal was the packaging. I love that it’s a canister which you get […]