Georgian Phkali – Spinach and Walnut Dip Recipe (Georgian Food Month, Part 1)

Part 1: Georgian Food Month This month I wanted to highlight the food of Georgia. This tiny nation east of the Black Sea mixes some of the best influences of Asia and Europe to create its cuisine. Famous dishes include the khachapuri (brick oven bread filled with cheese), lobio (a type of bean stew), khinkalli […]

Indian (Desi) Style Cornish Hen Recipe

This post is several months overdue as it’s technically Thanksgiving related. Lets just call it a timeless classic, okay? My Indian immigrant adopted the American Thanksgiving tradition for as long as I can remember. Some years we ate turkey, and other times cornish hens. If you like Indian flavors you’ll love this variation. Plus it’s […]

Aloo Tikki 2015 Edition: Indian Potato Croquettes with Peanuts and Spinach

Aloo Tikkis are an like a potato croquette but with Indian spices. This new recipe adds a little more flavor and texture by including spinach and peanuts. The recipe is both vegan and gluten free. The next time around, I’m going to bake it to get a good crisp. Method: 6 red potatoes, chopped into […]

Turnip Greens Recipe – Ain’t No Thing

Ain’t no thing but a turnip green. If you’re not familiar with turnip greens, they’re a great option to have in veggie rotation. Like most greens they’re chock full of good vitamins –  in this case, vitamins A, C & K along with calcium. (Vitamin K by the way helps the body process protein and calcium). […]

What’s In My Food? White Chocolate

White chocolate, that creamy, indulgent confection around since the 1930s is enjoying a renaissance as more candy makers hop on the band wagon. Yes it’s popular and delicious but according to a baker friend, is most certainly not really chocolate. I adjusted my monocle and screamed “That’s preposterous! If it tastes like chocolate and melts […]

World Cup: 3rd Place Matchup – Netherlands vs Brazil

The fight for 3rd place in the World Cup is today at 4pm EST. Many expected the Netherlands to go all the way but Argentina had other plans, beating them 4-2 in penalty kicks. Brazil for their part lost 7-1 against the mighty Germany. It was like watching Germany play a high school team. Both […]

Stamppot Boerenkool: Dutch Comfort Food (Mashed Potatoes and Kale)

Aside from the delicious stroopwafel, it’s hard to think of other foods from Holland. With The Netherlands advancing to the semi-final against Argentina it’s only appropriate to give a recipe a shot. Consulting with Dutch friend, I learned that Stamppot could be considered the “national dish.” It’s normally eaten in winter but as you know, […]