Sweet Beat

Sweet Sunday: Violet Crumble Review (Product of Australia)

Honeycomb combined with chocolate? Now that is an interesting combination. We were introduced to the Aussie candy Violet Crumble by my girlfriend’s sister who did a semester in Sydney some years back. Fast forward to today, where we discovered that they’re available at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. As indicated by the name and […]

Enjoy Life Gingerbread Spice Cookies Review

Enjoy Life makes great products. I’ve previously reviewed soft-baked chocolate chip and crunchy double chocolate cookies. These gingerbread spice cookies are easily the best of the bunch though. It’s deceptively tricky to make a cookie that is vegan, gluten free, soft and actually tastes great. Every bite fills the mouth with the brightness of ginger […]

What’s In My Food? White Chocolate

White chocolate, that creamy, indulgent confection around since the 1930s is enjoying a renaissance as more candy makers hop on the band wagon. Yes it’s popular and delicious but according to a baker friend, is most certainly not really chocolate. I adjusted my monocle and screamed “That’s preposterous! If it tastes like chocolate and melts […]

Product Review: DF Mavens New Orleans Salted Praline

The HBO show, Treme is set in post-Katrina New Orleans just months after the disaster. I wasn’t sure how the show could be anything but depressing. Luckily, it offers plenty of levity in the form characters like wacky DJ David Maclary (Steve Zahn), restaurateur Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens), and musicians galore like Antoine Baptiste (Wendell […]

Sweet Saturday (Easter Edition): Russell Stover Cookie Dough Egg

Forget Halloween! Easter is the best time for seasonal candy. From Cadbury eggs to candy bunnies galore, spring brings out creativity in candy makers. Russell Stover is particularly noteworthy for their unending variety of “egg” flavors. I’d credit frequent Cadbury Egg shortages for discovering them. Some of the most interesting flavors include raspberry marshmallow, red […]

Sweet Saturday: Orion Margot Candy Bar (Product of Czech Republic)

For this Sweet Saturday, I’m reviewing the Orion Margot Candy Bar (Nestle) which was purchased for $1.50 at Milan’s, a Slovakian restaurant in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn. Eating there with a friend the other day, I noticed a stash of candy bars and magazines on a corner shelf. I chose this one because of the lovely […]

Gamesa Mamut Cookie (30g, Product of Mexico)

I guess I’m a sucker for sweets with woolly mammoth mascots. This product comes to us from Gamesa, the largest confection maker in Mexico. It’s a variation of the legendary moonpie, only a little smaller. It features a thin layer of chocolate, with two crumbly cookies and marshmallow in between. The first bite was crunchier […]