Sweet Beat

Sweet Saturday: Parle Fab! Hide and Seek Strawberry Sandwich Cookies (Product of India)

Parle is the largest biscuit maker in India. This strawberry sandwich cookie falls under their chocolate chip Hide and Seek line. The package contains 9 pieces. Off the bat the candy-ish strawberry aroma hits your nose. They’re studded with chocolate bits and it has a satisfying crunch. The filling is creamy and doesn’t taste as […]

Sweet Saturday: Lindt Wasabi Dark Chocolate Review

Wasabi, with its gone-in-seconds-sharp-mustard punch seemed like a daring combination to have with chocolate. This was a gift from my brother around Christmas time. He said after seeing the strange flavor combination he thought of me. (haha). This Lindt bar contains at least 47% cocoa solids which means at least by European standards, it’s considered […]

Sweet Saturday: Las Sevillanas Oblea Con Cajeta De Leche De Cabra, 30g Review

This Mexican candy needs a little bit of translation. An oblea is a dessert featuring two thin circular wafers with fillings in between like dulce de leche, jam or even cheese. In addition to Mexico, they’re popular in El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezula. Cajeta is a caramelized condensed milk. In this case, de cabra […]

Sweet Saturday: Maria Tepoztlan Chili Chocolate Review (200g, Yucatan, Mexico)

This beautiful chocolate box was purchased at the duty free store in Cancun, Mexico. For my money, there just aren’t enough chili flavored chocolate goods on the American market. How amazing would it be if a mainstream company like Hershey’s came out with a bar that provided the punch of a little ground chili? Or […]

Tiki Gold Coconut Craze (Product of Trinidad & Tobago)

Tiki Gold bars hail from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Given its island roots, coconut flavoring isn’t surprising. It’s an average size candy bar with a chocolate coating and multiple wafer tiers. On opening the packet a sweet coconut aroma emerges which is frustrating since there is no real coconut in the bar. […]

Sweet Saturday: Catch Candy Bar (Product of Trinidad & Tobago)

Catch comes to us from Charles Candy, a division of the rather generically named Associated Brands Industries Ltd. A product of Trinidad & Tobago, this bar features crisp rice, caramel and chocolate. The sweet smell is immediately appetizing. Cutting it in half, the caramel is visible, but thicker than what’s found in American candy. The […]

Christmas Candy: Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate with Mint Truffle

Candy makers get a little lazy during the holidays. They often sell the very same stuff but in seasonal colored foil or wrappers. If you’re lucky, the candy might also be in a re-shaped like a Christmas tree or Santa. Hershey’s however stands a class apart by offering these Milk Chocolate Kisses with Mint Truffle. […]