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Gullon Gluten Free Cookies with Chocolate Chips Review (200g/~7oz)

These were an unexpected find while on a tahini/shea butter run at Fertile Crescent, a middle eastern grocery store near Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Gullon is based in Spain and is one of the biggest cookie and biscuit makers in the world. Since GF stuff is so pricey, I was excited to see this for only […]

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

This amazingly easy recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies comes from Tricia’s Things. It involves only a handful of ingredients that you already have (I’m just assuming. Please don’t think that I rifled through your pantry). I only made three changes – substituting flax egg, reducing the amount of sugar and baking for 15 minutes […]

Non-Dairy EggNog: Silk Seasonal Nog Review

The age old question: Is non-dairy eggnog the devil’s work or just a savvy alternative? Silk’s entry into this growing category is dairy, egg and gluten free (the package doesn’t say GF but the website does here.) Those seem like insurmountable problems in theory so some skepticism is to be expected. Silk  Seasonal Nog has […]

Fall Recipes: Gluten Free Vegan Apple Crisp

While locally grown apples are available much of the year in the Northeast, the briskness of fall gives added incentive to make warm apple crisp. This recipe is both vegan and gluten free. You’d wouldn’t know it by the taste though. The crisp can be made with a flour mix of your choice. For this […]

Farmer’s Market Treats: Blueberry Scones

It officially feels like early fall when a light jacket becomes necessary. I particularly enjoyed the walk this morning through Prospect Park to the Grand Army farmer’s market for two reasons: The fall colors are well under way. And as an added bonus it was off-leash hours so scores of cute dogs were out playing. […]

Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

Pictured in the background are besan barfi (2 pieces, made with chickpea flour). On the left side foreground is a kalakand (made with ricotta cheese and condensed milk). Right side foreground is a ladoo (white flour based). The store worker said the kalakand is easily their #1 seller. Bengalis are notorious for loving sweets and […]

My Dad’s Cookies Chocolano Flavor (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

These My Dad’s chocolano cookies are a gluten free (also labelled wheat free/dairy free) cousin to the more famous Milano from Pepperidge Farm. These treats are an improvement however because they have the richness of a Milano but with a more delicate crunch and a slight crumbliness. The cookie is in perfect proportion to the […]