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Sweet Beat: Eti Socream Biscuits (Product of Turkey)– Awesome or Disgusting?

After seeing “banana flavor” I saw these biscuits as a challenge. Banana could easily fall into the awesome or disgusting category. On opening the pack, a strong wiff of the fruit hits you. The biscuits feature a cool, if hypnotic ring design. It’s as if Eti intends to lull the consumer and then punch them […]

Awesome or Disgusting: Goplana Dark Chocolate Pina Colada Flavor (Gluten Free)

Goplana is a huge chocolate maker based in Poland. I purchased this at a great shop called Mazowske Deli on 420 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. It’s catty corner to Little Bangladesh. In addition to all the standard kielbasy, they sell hot foods as well as bigos! They have at least 10 different flavors of Goplana […]

Awesome or Disgusting: Three Bean Salad in a Can

The other day I got a craving for three bean salad. Usually it’s a mix of red beans, yellow and green wax beans (haricort verts). The sauce is mostly vinegar and sugar, which when done well balances sweet and acidic to make a refreshing side. It’s a food associated with the summertime. In the U.S […]