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Beer Reviews: Catherine the Great Imperial Stout (De Regenboog, Belgium)

Image Source: http://www.bierkraft.com Deflate gate or not, watching the New England Patriots dismantle the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 was a boring one-sided event. On the positive side I had an extremely delicious beverage called Catherine the Great Imperial Stout from Smisje, a tiny Belgian brewery. The beer comes in a bottle that looks like an old […]

Beer Reviews: Khajuraho Lite (Product of India, Lilasons, 4.5% ABV)

Khajuraho Lite is India’s first lite beer according to the bottle which seems surprising given how popular beer is on the Subcontinent . Coming from 40 year old brewery Lilasons, the beer is named after UNESCO world heritage Hindu and Jain temples dating back to 950. Perhaps the brewers got so exhausted from touring the […]

RoodonFood Reviews Beer: Zhiguli Barnoe (Product of Russia, 4.9%)

Zhiguli Barnoe is named after a famous Moscow beer garden/cafeteria started in the 60s. Brewed by Moscow Brewing Company (founded 2008) this lager is 4.9% ABV. It pours a light head and is a pale yellow. After resting in the glass for a moment some floral and sweet notes hit the nose. The taste is […]