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RoodonFood Reviews Beer: Zhiguli Barnoe (Product of Russia, 4.9%)

Zhiguli Barnoe is named after a famous Moscow beer garden/cafeteria started in the 60s. Brewed by Moscow Brewing Company (founded 2008) this lager is 4.9% ABV. It pours a light head and is a pale yellow. After resting in the glass for a moment some floral and sweet notes hit the nose. The taste is […]

Joe Mama’s Milk Stout Review (8%, Keegan Ales, Saratoga Springs, NY)

Joe Mama’s Milk is another great beer Keegan Ales, the makers of Mother’s Milk. It pours a respectable size head. The added coffee extract is clear in both the aroma and flavor. As is characteristic of milk stouts, it’s creamier than standard stout cousins. It’s super drinkable with a very negligible hoppiness. It’s actually lighter […]

Tusker Lager (Kenya, 4.2% ABV, E. African Breweries Ltd)

Tusker is the first and only beer I’ve tried from Kenya. Like wine labels I do get sucked in by good beer labels and this one features a tusked elephant (go figure). Oddly the name is in tribute to the founder of Kenya Breweries, George Hurst who was killed by an elephant while hunting. TUSKER […]

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (Northcoast Brewing)

I’ll answer your likely first question. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing Company is sadly not made by the blood of the legendary Russian mystic. Or least the label doesn’t betray what part of Rasputin is involved if any. This was a guy poisoned and shot multiple times by the Czars and […]

Hazed and Infused Dry Hopped Ale (Boulder Beer Company)

Hazed and Infused Dry Hopped Ale from Boulder Beer Company, was a delicious surprise.  The art on the can is very hippy/stoner friendly so I had some skepticism. Still it was recommended by a friend with excellent beer taste and it did not disappoint. It features fantastic citrus and almost pine like notes. The hops […]

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (England, 5.2% ABV)

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is brewed Wells and Young out of the UK. It showcases how well these two known quantities can be combined. It pours a nice thick head. It’s rich tasting even for a stout. Unlike some “chocolate” stouts the dark chocolate flavor comes through along with a satisfying maltiness without being a […]

McNeill’s Ruby Ale Review (Vermont)

The McNeill’s Ruby Ale hails from Brattleboro, Vermont. It has a high 5.7% ABV and comes in a 22oz size. The first thing I noticed is the appealing floral smell. It’s somewhere between an amber to orange in color.The head is decent. It features enough hops to make it interesting. The malt flavors comes out […]

Rock Art Brewery Stump Jumper Gnarly Stout (Vermont, 5.8% ABV)

The Rock Art Brewery Stump Jumper Gnarly Stout comes from Morrisville, VT. The ABV is substantial at 5.8%. Referring to itself as “Gnarly” made me curious to try it. It pours a substantial head initially. The maltiness is pleasant but it’s the hoppiness that demands your attention. The flavor is a nice surprise for those […]

Nevskoye Imperial Beer (Baltika Breweries – Russia)

After enjoying the Baltika Golden Lager #5 I was emboldened to try their Nevskoye Imperial Beer. It’s sold in the 1 pint .9 oz size which is perfect for someone who doesn’t drink in bulk. The alcohol content is 4.6%. This Russian lager’s color is between a golden and an amber. It’s actually very frothy […]

Booze: Beer, Liquor and Wine Reviews: Baltika Golden Lager 5

I’m not a big beer drinker. I rarely buy six packs unless company is coming over. My preference is to buy individual bottles of craft beer, so I can focus on taste over volume. Unfortunately, even just a single bottle buy doesn’t guarantee consumption within 3 or even 6 months. Case in point, I bought […]