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Street Festival Foods: Deep Fried Oreos

While the U.S  isn’t the only country that loves deep fried treats (I’m looking at you Scotland), deep fried Oreos are very American. In the Northeast they’re almost as ubiquitous at street festivals as zeppoles, funnel cakes and sausage and peppers. These golden brown treats were 6 for $5 down at the Memorial Weekend festival […]

Irene’s Cuisine in Bradley Beach Review

We went to Irene’s, located 608 Main St in Bradley Beach after the Starving Artist in Ocean Grove had a wait of over an hour due to the post-Church rush. Now we know to check out OG on any day/time except for Sunday 11-2. Irene’s is a classic diner including some Greek options. Unlike most […]

Cool Runnings in Bradley Beach NJ: Jamaican and Carribean Food Review

Cool Runnings is a a relatively new addition to Bradley Beach. They offer Jamaican and pan-Island food options. Located on 123 Main St (heehee) I’ve tried them a half dozen times so far and have mostly positive feedback. Many people say it’s easy to miss. It’s in the same plaza as the Country Farms convenience […]

Delponte’s Bakery in Bradley Beach, New Jersey – Gluten Free Cookies and All of the Good Things

Delponte’s is THE bakery of Bradley Beach. Seriously. It’s the only one (not counting a Cupcake place). Thankfully though, it’s a really good one. You walk inside and it’s wall to wall baked goods. Over the course of a couple of weeks I tried many items. (Tasty baked goods are a vice of mine). My […]