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Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

It’s hard to think of new breakfast ideas. Between morning grouchiness and an over eagerness to get to work, it’s the meal I spend the least time on. Luckily, these oat breakfast cookies are easy and super quick. We got this vegan, gluten free recipe from Oh She Glows. It features just a few ingredients, […]

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Mango and Strawberry

Steel cut oatmeal is one of my favorite, easy breakfasts. It’s whole grain and a great source of fiber, iron and protein. Unlike nutritionally similar rolled oats, steel cut doesn’t spike the blood sugar because the thicker pieces take longer for the body to process. Check out this link comparing the benefits of the two […]

Product Review: Gits Uttapam and Gits Sambhar Mix

Over time it’s important to learn fundamental foods such as chili, the perfect burger, dal, aloo dum, etc. From the the South Indian cannon I’d add sambhar and uttapams among other items to that list. Sometimes though, convenience wins the day. These Gits mixes, on sale for only $0.99, require little prep and a just […]