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Georgian Kharcho Soup (Vegan and Non, Georgian Food Month, Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of Georgian Food Month. Click here, if you want to check out part 1, phkali a walnut and spinach dip as well. After running, I’m often ravenous. During the cool down, my girlfriend and I like to ask each other “if you could have anything to eat in the world right […]

Kvass: Russian Bread Flavored Soda

I’ve wanted to try kvass, a Russian bread flavored soda for months since reading about it in Elliott Holt’s engrossing book You Are One of Them. The story is about two best friends in DC growing up during the Cold War. As tensions grow between the two countries, the young girls write letters to the […]

Brighton Beach Food Adventures: Pkhali, Plov, Chicken Kiev and Chocolates

Long time readers know my affection for Russian and Eastern European foods. One of the centers for that types of food in NYC is Brighton Beach, just east of Coney Island. During these visits must pick-ups include kharcho soup (an amazing soup featuring beef/lamb, barley, pomegranate and about 30 other ingredients), plov (the Georgian/Uzbek/Russian version […]

Valio Viola Cheese Spread (Product of Finland)

  A product of Finland, Valio Viola cheese spread was another pick up during my recent run to Brighton Beach. The cheese is much thinner than say, Philly cream cheese. The flavor is mild, pleasant and just the perfect amount of tartness. It reminds me of a less rich version of Laughing Cow cheese. I […]

I Ate It All Post-Run: Brighton Beach

Please accept my apologies for the bad photos. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn is called Brighton Beach. Just east of Coney Island, it’s home to many immigrants of Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, and Uzbek descent among other countries. In that area I discovered many savories and sweets that came to be all time favorites. […]

Korovka Wafers (Milk Flavor) from Brighton Beach

These were picked up at Gold Label International Food, a Russian/Eastern European store in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It’s one of the largest stores in the area with all manner of breads, smoke meats, fish, hot foods and amazing looking desserts. It’s located at 281 Brighton Beach Avenue between Brighton 2nd and 3rd. The package of […]

Brighton Beach Brooklyn Treats: Pirozkhis

When visiting Brighton Beach, it has become traditional for me to pick up a pirozhi or two and go to the boardwalk. Pirozkhis are a Russian/Ukranian/Eastern European baked or fried bun with fillings such as cabbage, egg, potato, lamb, beef etc. They’re sold fresh every day at several locations off Bright Beach Avenue. My favorite […]

(Closed) Brighton Beach: Russian Coriander Rye from Grevico Bread

Grevico Bread is a small unassuming store located on a side street off Brighton Beach Avenue. (located at 129-3 Brighton 1st Street). They bake fresh bread daily at their facility on McDonald Avenue and sell it at this store. They have all types of loaves. I asked what types of rye they had. The lady […]

Brighton Beach Brooklyn Adventures: Akkond Russian Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

During my infrequent visits to Bright Beach Brooklyn I like sampling amazing food from the various Russian, Ukraninian, Georgia and Uzbek food places. For chocolates though I love going to Nature’s Delight. Any store that sells chocolates, dried fruits, nuts and spices out of big buckets is okay by me. The store is located at […]

Primorski Restaurant: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

I took a college buddy to Coney Island and down the boardwalk to Brighton Beach recently. I’ve gotten food to go several times in Brighton Beach but was never bold enough to try a sit down place. Places such as the National looked so ostentatious I assumed every place would be too high end. Bolstered […]