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Valio Viola Cheese Spread (Product of Finland)

  A product of Finland, Valio Viola cheese spread was another pick up during my recent run to Brighton Beach. The cheese is much thinner than say, Philly cream cheese. The flavor is mild, pleasant and just the perfect amount of tartness. It reminds me of a less rich version of Laughing Cow cheese. I […]

Unrequited Love Now Requited: Domty Creamy Cheese (Egypt)

Oh happy day! Awhile back I wrote about an unrequited love for Britannia and Amul cheese spreadz. While those products still aren’t available in the U.S, I’ve discovered one that is just as good. And such panache! Described on the package as “Creamy Cream Cheese Spread” there is no mistaking the confidence. After all if […]

Unrequited Food Loves: Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic

In NYC we have access to practically any type of Indian food you could want. There is a short list of unrequited food loves that have not made it to this side of the world however. At the top of this unrequited list for me is Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic. It was probably the first […]