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Product Reviews: Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese

I’m a fan of spreadable cheeses, making a point to seek them out whenever visiting an ethnic neighborhood or store. But my streak of uneventful spreadable cheese purchases came to a halt at Fertile Crescent at 570 Atlantic Avenue the other day. This “Primo Spicy Aged Egyptian Cheese” was in the dairy case of go-to […]

Why Are Some Cheeses Orange?

The sky is blue. American cheese is dyed orange. Two facts of life. But why isn’t cheese white since it comes from milk? Centuries ago in England, lots of cheeses had a natural yellowish-orange pigment. The cheese came from the milk of certain breeds of cows, such as Jersey and Guernsey. Their milk tended to […]

Unrequited Love Now Requited: Domty Creamy Cheese (Egypt)

Oh happy day! Awhile back I wrote about an unrequited love for Britannia and Amul cheese spreadz. While those products still aren’t available in the U.S, I’ve discovered one that is just as good. And such panache! Described on the package as “Creamy Cream Cheese Spread” there is no mistaking the confidence. After all if […]

The Joys of American Cheese: Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food

For years now I’ve bought cold cuts and cheeses at the deli counter exclusively, turning my nose up at utilitarian cheese singles found in the dairy section. We grew up however eating American cheese so it still holds a place in my heart. After a couple of slices at a friend’s place I felt compelled […]

Unrequited Food Loves: Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic

In NYC we have access to practically any type of Indian food you could want. There is a short list of unrequited food loves that have not made it to this side of the world however. At the top of this unrequited list for me is Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic. It was probably the first […]