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Chinese Inspired Pork Loin Recipe

With the intention of making a few recipes from Jen Lin-Liu’s book Serve the People I’d purchased the pork tenderloin. Unfortunately I was missing a few basic ingredients so I improvised this recipe for a Chinese 5 spice mini pork pot roast to delicious results. Servings: 3 Prep Time: 10 minutes Suggested Marinade Time: 1+ […]

Chinese Style Eggplant Recipe Via Serious Eats

Other than stir-fries, I don’t make much Chinese food at homes. With recipes like this one from Serious Eats, it feels much more accessible. This is the best Chinese-style eggplant recipe you’ll see today. Tamari, cooking wine, honey, chili and vinegar all do their part to give it a rich taste. Since we didn’t have […]