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The Best Time to Drink Coffee

Coffee is consumed daily by 83% of American adults. Most drink it first thing in the morning, but according to science that’s not the best time for joe. Hormones in your body ebb and flow through the day. From 8am to 9am, cortisol, the stress and alertness hormone is at a high point. Other high […]

Dave Grohl’s Caffeine Problem

Dave Grohl, singer of the Foo Fighters, drummer for Them Crooked Vultures and Nirvana has a secret. The intensity of his performances came not from Satan as previously assumed but rather, coffee. He used to scream like a banshee for “Fresh Pots!” around 90 times a day.  Luckily he moderated the habit after getting sick […]

Chock Full O Nuts French Roast

Chock is all around a great brand. It’s usually the brand I turn to over options like Folgers and Maxwell house. It’s regional. It has a competitive price and it’s tasty. The French Roast possesses a rich, medium bodied flavor with an unmistakable creaminess. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. If […]