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Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips (Target Store Brand)

These chips are amazing. If there was an award for potato chips of the year, they would go to the Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips. They’re kettle cooked which means they have a more satisfying crunch than standard issue chips. There is a wonderful tanginess complemented with a slight burn from […]

Update: Voskos Greek Yogurt “Exotic Fig”

The other day I reviewed Voskos Yogurt Vanilla Bean and Peach flavors. I explained that upon feeling brave I would try the fig flavor. I felt brave yesterday. My reticence to check it out feels justified. All you taste is fig. Combine the strong flavor with the thickness of the Greek yogurt and you have […]

Snack #12: Voskos Greek Yogurt

The Greek Yogurt trend is one I can get behind. Every week there seems to be a new company selling their version, even Yoplait (which I don’t recommend). Ben and Jerry’s (Vermont) is even debuting 4 Frozen Greek Yogurt flavors. I can say with some pride that New York has become something of a regional […]