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Sweet Beat: Eti Burcak Sultani Biscuits (Product of Turkey)

Always on the lookout for new biscuits to go with coffee, these Eti biscuits were picked up in a grocery store in Bay Ridge (going out of business). They have the oaty flavor of digestives but also contain sultana bits (a type of raisin). It’s a fun mix of chewy and crunchy. They feature 56% […]

McVitie’s Digestives Review (Product of UK)

These McVitie’s Digestives purchased at Eden Gourmet in South Orange NJ won over the entire RoodonFood family. My parents who are extremely particular about such matters, loved it with their tea. My normally reticent brother even went back for a second biscuit. Not unlike a graham cracker, the texture is grainy and dense but manages […]

Eti Digestive Biscuits with Oatmeal Review

The term “digestive” doesn’t sound terribly appetizing from the American point of view. Originating in the UK, the name just indicates biscuits which typically have a higher fiber (fibre) and wheat content than a regular biscuit. Additionally many are made with sodium bicarbonate which is meant to help with (long pause) digestion. The general flavor […]