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Durga Puja Greetings + Pear Chutney Recipe

Happy Durga Puja everyone. Bijoy greetings. For Bengali Hindus this is by far the biggest religious celebration. In India it’s ten days long. Abroad, it’s more like two days and people try to squeeze in what they can. In mythology it’s based on Durga’s defeat of the demon Mahishasura. During this festival time in West […]

Tilapia with Sumac

In the west, most people probably know sumac as a plant that gives you a rash. There is another form of sumac though that is popular in the Middle East. It’s a deep reddish/purple in color. It’s used to impart sour flavor. It’s somewhere in the realm of a not so sweet cranberry with a […]

Chickory: a Frugal Good Time in Your Coffee and Your Mouth

My curiosity in chickory came after reading about it’s role during the American Civil War. The Northern blockade was successfully cutting off supplies to the Confederates. As a result, they were forced to improvise. Louisiana, formerly a French colony would often incorporate it to extend expensive coffee or replace it altogether. Chickory offers a delicious, […]

Giant Bagels: New York Public Art by Hanna Liden

On the way to Jefferson Market library for my weekly book pickup, I spotted this bagel themed art on Avenue of the Americas at 9th street on the edge of Greenwich Village (Ruth Wittenberg Plaza). It features a stack of bagels including pumpernickel and sesame (my go to). Popping up through the middle is a […]

Summertime at the Jersey Shore: Ocean City Edition

Over the years I’ve gotten to visit a handful of shore towns in New Jersey. There all a bit different from each other. The culture ranges from a bit raucous (Seaside, Point Pleasant, Wildwood) to fancier (Bayhead, Spring Lake) to working class/middle class (Belmar, Bradley Beach). The Jersey Shore despite what the eponymously named show […]

Pav Bhaji (Indian Mashed Veggies Served with Buttered Bread)

Boardwalk delicacies in America include seafood, funnel cake, ice cream, fudge and other treats. If you’re near the Jersey Shore, pork roll and frozen custard must be added to that list. When visiting Juhu Beach in Mumbai India it was exciting to discover their beach options. Most eye-catching was Pav Bhaji, Indian mashed veggies in […]

Updated: Milan’s Restaurant Is Still Kicking (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

I wrote about Milan’s in Park Slope, Brooklyn a couple of years back and even interviewed the gracious owner. Back then, the restaurant looked like it was closing for good. I’m happy to report that for now at least, the long running Slovakian restaurant is still kicking. Yes, there are slicker restaurants with high-end pretentious […]