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Rold Gold Pretzels: Thins (Frito Lay)

Rold Gold Pretzels from Frito Lay. I forgot how tasty simple pretzels can be. First of all, the name of this blog being RoodonFood, I appreciate the silly brand spelling. It feels like a throwback. The bag was $3.29 for a full pound so there are plenty to share. You get a satisfying crunch and […]

Snack #2: Cheetos “Simply Natural” White Cheddar Puffs

Name: Frito Lay Natural White Cheddar Cheetos And the award for the food that looks like food you would be rationed whilst living outside of the Matrix or conceived of being by a focus group of little kids goes to….White Cheddar Cheetos (Frito Lay). Not pretty to look at but awful delicious. I don’t know […]