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McKenzie’s Hard Cider (6% ABV)

Per this recent story on NPR, cider is getting incredibly popular again with sales up 65% this year. Since my girlfriend is gluten free we’re also slowly getting acquainted and occasionally re-acquainted with hard cider and the many other booze options out there. From Eagle Provisions I picked her up a bottle of McKenzie’s Hard […]

Harpoon Cider

Harpoon Cider (12 oz, 4.8% ALC) I’m not gluten free (gf) but my girlfriend (GF) is. There are several well-known breweries making gluten free ciders these days. Glutenista has a nice list of some GF Beers and Ciders here. Harpoon Cider is not listed as gf on the website but the only ingredient is fermented […]