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World Cup Foods: Kedjenou (Ivory Coast Chicken Stew) with Cassava Couscous

I’m excited for today’s Ivory Coast vs Colombia World Cup match up at 12pm EST. On paper Les Elephants are the better team. My theory as to why: Cote d’Ivoire is fueled by delicious attieke cassava couscous and kedjenou chicken stew. Check out my recipe for Attieke Cassava Couscous by clicking the image.  See also […]


Non-Traditional Upma (Gluten Free) – An Indian Breakfast With Attieke Cassava Couscous

Upma is a delicious breakfast item in South India made with semolina/cream of wheat. Ingredients consist most commonly of curry leaves, lemon juice, mustard seeds, ginger and a few other spices. The veggies vary depending on what you have on hand. To create the gluten free (and vegan) version, I used leftover attieke, the fermented […]

Cassava Couscous AKA Attieke (Gluten Free, Vegan, Product of Ivory Coast)

I discovered Attieke Cassava Couscous ($3.99) at an African market in Atlanta called Gold Coast. It’s a staple all over West Africa including Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Congo. The brand pictured, Nayama is from Ivory Coast. It looks almost identical to regular wheat based couscous and when hydrated grows to a similar size. Attieke […]