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Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers (7oz)

The Glutino focuses on the growing, lucrative Gluten Free market. I picked up these crackers on sale for $2.99 at Lifethyme green market in the West Village NYC. It’s a cute box. Each plank of crackers is two pieces which are easily broken apart. They have that brittleness and crunch of non-gf water crackers and […]

Glutino Dream Cookies: Chocolate Vanilla Creme Review

The latest snack I tried from Glutino is the Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies. (10.6 ounces, 300g). These cookies are the GF equivalent of the Oreo cookie. The serving size is two cookies and there are around 20 in the package which is decent compared with other GF products. They have a neat lattice sort of […]