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Halloween Time: Times Scare, Minar and Evil Dead

I didn’t come to really enjoy scary things until well into adulthood. While never averse to horror in book, movie or haunted house form, we grew up mostly with comedies and fantasy books. These last few years I’ve made up for lost ground consuming a steady diet of classic stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street […]

Halloween: Trick of Treating Memories

As a kid, if you grew up in one neighborhood, you could get a rough sense for which houses gave out the good candy and which ones didn’t. On the good list were any kind of chocolate, candy corn and Nerds. My favorite was Charleston Chews since I only got those during Halloween. On the […]

Paranormal Witness: Help My Carbonara Is Haunted!

Fall will officially be here in a matter of days. That means it’s time to break out the scary TV shows and movies. My girlfriend just introduced me to a show on the SyFy network called “Paranormal Witness.” It’s one of those which features first person accounts of hauntings along with re-enactments. Full disclosure: Several […]