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Bruh! You Got Columbus-ed: Chopped Cheese Sandwich

I’ve lived in New York for a number of years but heard about the famed Chopped Cheese sandwich just a few months back. Known mostly in Harlem, Bronx and some of Queens, it features ground beef, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and seasoning served on a hero. The beef is chopped up and mixed […]

Original Bean Pie Company Navy Bean Pie Review

Navy Bean pies don’t sound good but rest assured they’re delicious. The pictured navy bean pie is from the Original Bean Pie Company based in East Orange though it was purchased for $3.50 at Manna’s Delight on 125th and Lenox avenue in Harlem. The flavor is rich and actually reminiscent of pumpkin pie. The bean […]

Lowe’s Eatery: Jamaican Patties in New York, NY

One of my favorite foods is the Jamaican patty. For those unfamiliar, they’re sort of like a turnover with different fillings such as soy, spinach, chicken or most commonly, beef. They’re inexpensive, portable, and handheld – a great option if you need a hot snack on the go. The color of the beef and chicken […]