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Orange Ginger Tamari Sweet Potato Noodles or Gandalf’s Beard?

Always in search of gluten free options outside of the usual suspects, I came upon these sweet potato noodles (Korean name: Dangmyeon) at Hmart. A member of the glass/cellophane noodle family, these noodles change the water to a Gandalf’s beard shade of gray but taste great. Other starches glass noodles can be made from include […]


OHSUNG YES! CHIPS! SWEET POTATO CHIPS WITH BLACK SESAME. This was on sale for $1.79 at the legendary Hmart Korean megamart. The packaging shows the product name with an exclamation point and all caps. Some might think it rude to yell at a potential customer but I like enthusiasm from packaged goods especially without the […]

Choripdong Rice Cakes Review

The South Koreans excel at fun packaging. These Choripdong rice cakes ($1.29, Hmart) came in a simple wax paper package. The size of the package is only 1.76 oz (50g) and contains 20-25 rice balls. A perfect amount if you’re curious to try a new snack. . The ingredients are rice, soy, sugar, corn syrup, […]

Review: Vegemil Black Bean Milk

  The Vegemil Black Bean milk caught my eye because the flavor sounded fun. I like red bean products like red bean mochi so why not black bean milk? It’s a product of Korea. The 190ml (6.42 oz) bottle was $1.29 at Hmart in Manhattan (W 32nd between 5th and 6th Ave). The base is […]