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Holiday Drinks: Mulled Wine AKA Glögg AKA Glühwein

Years ago I attended a Swedish festival in NYC on a very cold day. There was cheese, dancing and other cultural options but my eyes were drawn to the steaming vat….of red wine? I learned it was a called Glögg and was made with red wine, orange, cinnamon, cloves star anise and a bit of […]

Mocha Recipe and December Snow

We got our first snow of December yesterday. Prospect Park in Brooklyn had a lovely coat, especially on the meadow. After a nice walk, impromptu snowball fight (in which I emerged victorious), and a log roll (I lost handily) it only made sense to have a tasty mocha. Because I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, it’s made […]

The RoodonFood EggNogOff: There Can Be Only One

Eggnog is a guilty holiday pleasure. Yes this odd dairy and egg based drink is unhealthy but with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top it tastes like the holidays. Being only familiar with the non-alcoholic version, I polled friends on Facebook and got the following suggestions to spice it up: keep it up virgin, brandy, […]