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Don’t Call It a Comeback: The Return of the Twinkie

Fear not intrepid, occasional, junk food fans! Your Twinkie-less existence is about to improve markedly. Hostess, which went bankrupt last year, was bought and is now being managed by a private firm. The legendary sponge cake with vanilla filling will return to shelves beginning July 15th along with Ding Dongs, cupcakes and other tasty treats.

R.I.P: Hostess

Hostess, the maker of beloved treats such as Twinkies, Drakes Cakes and Ding Dongs is going out of business. The company was in and out of bankruptcy since 2004. Founded in 1930 as Interstate Bakeries, it was “the largest wholesale baker and distributor of baked products in the United States.” Link While in recent years […]