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Don’t Call It a Comeback: The Return of the Twinkie

Fear not intrepid, occasional, junk food fans! Your Twinkie-less existence is about to improve markedly. Hostess, which went bankrupt last year, was bought and is now being managed by a private firm. The legendary sponge cake with vanilla filling will return to shelves beginning July 15th along with Ding Dongs, cupcakes and other tasty treats.

Hostess Pudding Pie

I used to love Hostess Pudding Pies as a kid. We would get them at the Five and Dime in our neighborhood along with Garbage Pail Kids cards as youth in the 80s. I loved that they were slightly frosted and in portable pocket form. Image: http://eatthis.womenshealthmag.com/files/wr-4_6.jpg To my surprise, I discovered that they still […]