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Fast Indian Snack: Non-Traditional Puffed Millet Chaat

Chaat is an Indian word for an assortment of savory sweet snacks using carbs like chickpea, corn, wheat, rice based and other crunchies. Onions, potatoes, chickpeas, and tamarind often make appearances too. I was out of potatoes so I improvised this one using hashbrowns. The puffed millet gives it a fun, chewy texture. It only […]

Tuna Salad Taco with Crunchies

Hybrid Food Confessions Tuna Salad Taco? This food idea may be a little weird but it came out of necessity. Out of bread and left with a few corn tortillas, tuna tacos were born. The tuna salad recipe below includes equal parts mustard to mayo to give some kick. Since both the tuna and corn […]

Strange Foods Confession: Swiss Cheese Quesadilla

One of my favorite snacks is the quesadilla. It’s simple and makes for a wonderful snack. I make it a point to have some tortillas on hand for this purpose. During the week I’ll often make sandwiches using a ratio of 3 cold cuts to every 1 slice of cheese. The result is always leftover […]

Hybrid Snacks: Baked Beans + Hashbrown + Bhel Mix

At any given time I keep several foods on hand if I’m in a bind for a quick meal, among them are: Hash brown patties, baked beans, and bhel mix.  When you combine the three together, you get salty from the hash brown and bhel and the sweet from the baked beans. Because of the […]