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Buckwheat Pulao

This buckwheat pulao recipe came as a result of needing a break from rice and potatoes while fulfilling my craving for South Asian spices. If you’ve never tried kasha, it’s a nutty grain common in Eastern European cooking. It provides fiber and doesn’t spike blood sugar the way rice and other grains do. The nutty […]

Indian Biryani Recipe

Biryani is one of those dishes associate with special occasions like pujas, parties or weddings. It’s a little bit of effort to get everything in the pot, but the end result is very worth it. All the spices cook into the rice to make an amazing one pot meal. It’s highly customizable – veggies and […]

Indian (Desi) Style Cornish Hen Recipe

This post is several months overdue as it’s technically Thanksgiving related. Lets just call it a timeless classic, okay? My Indian immigrant adopted the American Thanksgiving tradition for as long as I can remember. Some years we ate turkey, and other times cornish hens. If you like Indian flavors you’ll love this variation. Plus it’s […]

Aloo Tikki 2015 Edition: Indian Potato Croquettes with Peanuts and Spinach

Aloo Tikkis are an like a potato croquette but with Indian spices. This new recipe adds a little more flavor and texture by including spinach and peanuts. The recipe is both vegan and gluten free. The next time around, I’m going to bake it to get a good crisp. Method: 6 red potatoes, chopped into […]

Indian Spinach and Vegetable Medley (Palang Shaag-er Ghanto)

When I was young, meat was always the highlight of the meal. From lamb to fish to chicken curry, Ma knew how to whip it up. Now during visits home, my cravings shift towards the greener end of the spectrum. As the second course of traditional meals, leafy vegetables are a crucial part of the […]

Eating with Your Hands

At our home I was often the one to set the dinner table. Unless it was non-Indian this meant plates for my parents but plates and spoons for my brother and I. Ma and Baba like many South Asians eat without silverware. Skilled hand-eaters like them are able to quickly mix rice with lentils or […]

Rice Recipes: Fenugreek and Tomato Pulao AKA Dragon Rice

Pulao, not to be confused with the small decorative dragon found on Chinese bells, is a rice dish popular throughout parts of the Middle East, Central and South Asia. There are literally hundreds of variations to be found. This particular recipe is South Indian. Just for fun and in honor of the upcoming season of […]

Sweet Saturday: Parle Fab! Hide and Seek Strawberry Sandwich Cookies (Product of India)

Parle is the largest biscuit maker in India. This strawberry sandwich cookie falls under their chocolate chip Hide and Seek line. The package contains 9 pieces. Off the bat the candy-ish strawberry aroma hits your nose. They’re studded with chocolate bits and it has a satisfying crunch. The filling is creamy and doesn’t taste as […]

Chapati Movement: Never Trust Unleavened Bread

A chapati is a type of whole wheat unleavened bread popular in Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nothing could be more simple. During the British Raj however, the coarse bread became the source of speculation and concern. In the year 1857, tension was building against the British owned East India Company. The company, responsible for […]

Chicken Curry and a Bit of History

The label “curry” is often used to describe dishes from the Indian subcontinent. The word may be derived from the Tamil kari which means sauce according to Slate.com. Unsure of how to describe the dishes they encountered, British traders in the 17th century referred to all savory dishes as curry. A curry, as the Brits defined […]