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Sweet Saturday: Parle Fab! Hide and Seek Strawberry Sandwich Cookies (Product of India)

Parle is the largest biscuit maker in India. This strawberry sandwich cookie falls under their chocolate chip Hide and Seek line. The package contains 9 pieces. Off the bat the candy-ish strawberry aroma hits your nose. They’re studded with chocolate bits and it has a satisfying crunch. The filling is creamy and doesn’t taste as […]

Chapati Movement: Never Trust Unleavened Bread

A chapati is a type of whole wheat unleavened bread popular in Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nothing could be more simple. During the British Raj however, the coarse bread became the source of speculation and concern. In the year 1857, tension was building against the British owned East India Company. The company, responsible for […]

Chicken Curry and a Bit of History

The label “curry” is often used to describe dishes from the Indian subcontinent. The word may be derived from the Tamil kari which means sauce according to Slate.com. Unsure of how to describe the dishes they encountered, British traders in the 17th century referred to all savory dishes as curry. A curry, as the Brits defined […]

Indian Kidney Bean Curry (Rajmaa and Aloo)

Rajmaa, Indian style kidney beans are one of the most satisfying vegetarian protein sources and quite easy to put together. Traditionally, the dish consists of just beans. My dilemma though was wanting a potato dish like aloo matar but feeling too lazy – so I opted to combine the two with delicious results. Since “fresh” […]

Boondi Raita Recipe

The most common form of raita uses yogurt, cucumber, spices and sometimes tomato as featured here. This version goes for a more complex, melt-in-your-mouth flavor by incorporating chickpea flour balls known as boondi. Raita goes particularly well with biryani and Indian breads like parathas. (Be on the lookout for a biryani recipe later in the […]

Indian Cabbage Recipe: Bandakopi’er Torkari

This is one of my favorite Indian ways to cook a vegetable because it’s so simple. Cabbage can always be depended on to absorb any seasonings while adding its own mild sourness. This bandakopi-er torkari is variation of a Bengali recipe. To give it brightness I included ajwain (jowan aka carom seed), a pleasant, aromatic […]

Indian Cocktails: Rosewater Gin and Tonic

Happy Kali Pujo (and Diwali) all. The Goddess Kali is worshipped particularly in Bengal and Odisha India. In Hindu mythology she is one of the fiercest of the Gods, once nearly bringing about the the destruction of the world until Shiva decided to lay below to stop her. Kali Pujo (puja means to worship) is […]