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Indian Kidney Bean Curry (Rajmaa and Aloo)

Rajmaa, Indian style kidney beans are one of the most satisfying vegetarian protein sources and quite easy to put together. Traditionally, the dish consists of just beans. My dilemma though was wanting a potato dish like aloo matar but feeling too lazy – so I opted to combine the two with delicious results. Since “fresh” […]

Boondi Raita Recipe

The most common form of raita uses yogurt, cucumber, spices and sometimes tomato as featured here. This version goes for a more complex, melt-in-your-mouth flavor by incorporating chickpea flour balls known as boondi. Raita goes particularly well with biryani and Indian breads like parathas. (Be on the lookout for a biryani recipe later in the […]

Indian Cabbage Recipe: Bandakopi’er Torkari

This is one of my favorite Indian ways to cook a vegetable because it’s so simple. Cabbage can always be depended on to absorb any seasonings while adding its own mild sourness. This bandakopi-er torkari is variation of a Bengali recipe. To give it brightness I included ajwain (jowan aka carom seed), a pleasant, aromatic […]

Indian Cocktails: Rosewater Gin and Tonic

Happy Kali Pujo (and Diwali) all. The Goddess Kali is worshipped particularly in Bengal and Odisha India. In Hindu mythology she is one of the fiercest of the Gods, once nearly bringing about the the destruction of the world until Shiva decided to lay below to stop her. Kali Pujo (puja means to worship) is […]

Snack Reviews: Swad Farali Chivda Sweet (10oz, Product of India)

I am a sucker for slick packaging. Most of the Swad brand stuff isn’t this glossy. The word farali means fasting. Chivda (AKA chewda/chanachur) is a catchall for a crunchy mixture. During the religious festival known as Navatri, many people fast (though beverages are okay) until the daily puja is done. There is a bit […]

Squash with Coconut Recipe (Lau Ghanto)

Lau aka Doodhi is a long green gourd you can find in Asian markets. It’s mildly sweet tasting and the seeds remind me a bit of those in cucumbers. This preparation is called a ghanto which means mixture in Bengali. Ghantos are generally lightly spiced veggies that are cooked down until the gravy is absorbed. […]

Indian Lentil Recipe (Masoor Dal)

Masoor dal (lentils) are great for someone new to cooking Indian food. Unlike other lentils, they require no soaking and cook in 30-40 minutes.  These legumes are orange but change to yellow after cooking. Serve it hot with rice. Recipe is below. If you enjoy this recipe, check out other Indian recipes that go well […]

Bengali Aloo Dum Recipe (Indian Potatoes)

Bengalis love potatoes mixed in with veggie dishes, meat dishes – pretty much everything. Aloo dum though is a dish which allows the ubiquitous tuber to be the star. Because the tomato and ingredients really cook into the potato it works best served with lucchis (pooris)/rotis/naan. Ingredients 10 small red potatoes (skin on, chopped in […]

Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

Pictured in the background are besan barfi (2 pieces, made with chickpea flour). On the left side foreground is a kalakand (made with ricotta cheese and condensed milk). Right side foreground is a ladoo (white flour based). The store worker said the kalakand is easily their #1 seller. Bengalis are notorious for loving sweets and […]

Besan Ladoo Recipe

Durga Puja marks the beginning of festival season for Bengali Hindus. (Diwali is also coming on November 3). With this is mind I wanted to share this recipe with you good folks. Ladoos are a ball-shaped sweet popular throughout India. A favorite of Ganesh, these treats can be made from white flour, wheat, sorghum, or […]