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Pav Bhaji (Indian Mashed Veggies Served with Buttered Bread)

Boardwalk delicacies in America include seafood, funnel cake, ice cream, fudge and other treats. If you’re near the Jersey Shore, pork roll and frozen custard must be added to that list. When visiting Juhu Beach in Mumbai India it was exciting to discover their beach options. Most eye-catching was Pav Bhaji, Indian mashed veggies in […]

Aloo Tikki 2015 Edition: Indian Potato Croquettes with Peanuts and Spinach

Aloo Tikkis are an like a potato croquette but with Indian spices. This new recipe adds a little more flavor and texture by including spinach and peanuts. The recipe is both vegan and gluten free. The next time around, I’m going to bake it to get a good crisp. Method: 6 red potatoes, chopped into […]

Indian Cabbage Recipe: Bandakopi’er Torkari

This is one of my favorite Indian ways to cook a vegetable because it’s so simple. Cabbage can always be depended on to absorb any seasonings while adding its own mild sourness. This bandakopi-er torkari is variation of a Bengali recipe. To give it brightness I included ajwain (jowan aka carom seed), a pleasant, aromatic […]

Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

Pictured in the background are besan barfi (2 pieces, made with chickpea flour). On the left side foreground is a kalakand (made with ricotta cheese and condensed milk). Right side foreground is a ladoo (white flour based). The store worker said the kalakand is easily their #1 seller. Bengalis are notorious for loving sweets and […]

Indian Chicken Fajitas (Gluten Free)

This Indian-ish chicken marinade is easy to put together. It includes crushed fennel seeds which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spices for a bright, refreshing flavor. It’s a like a much lighter version of licorice. Depending on taste you can make it as spicy as you like. I recommend cooking the chicken and […]

New York Cabbies Don’t Lie About Curry Hill

You know the food is going to be good when all the local South Asian cabbies come to the Curry Hill neighborhood. Recommended places: Tiffin Wallah (127 E 28th between Lexington and Park), Saravana Bhavan (81 Lexington between @ East 26th st), and Curry Express (130 East 29th @ Lexington Avenue).

RoodonFood and the Most Interesting Man in the World Recommend: Sweets from Foods of India (Sinha Trading Company)

I previously mentioned my love of Curry Express in the Murray Hill (Curry Hill) neighborhood in Manhattan. I’ve just added another stop to that for their excellent Indian Sweets: Foods of Sinha. I like getting sweets at Foods of Sinha because the store is an unassuming walkdown and not overrun with people like Kalustyan’s can […]