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Rex Goliath Chardonnay Review (California)

Tuesday Boozeday. While I’m a big fan of the Rex Goliath Pinot Noir, the whites were new to me. It was a tasting at the local wine shop that pushed me to try it. Not normally a chardonnay drinker, I found this to be a great, affordable option. ($9.99 / 1.5 L). It’s dry but […]

Two Vines Columbia Crest 2009 Merlot (Washington State)

Day 1: At first this one reminded me of a Pinot oddly. It’s very smooth and thin with a clean finish. It features strong cherry notes with purposeful but not overpowering tannins. There is also a subtle hint of oakiness. Day 2: Still delicious. Even more cherry and tannin chewiness is detectable on day 2. […]