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Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

Pictured in the background are besan barfi (2 pieces, made with chickpea flour). On the left side foreground is a kalakand (made with ricotta cheese and condensed milk). Right side foreground is a ladoo (white flour based). The store worker said the kalakand is easily their #1 seller. Bengalis are notorious for loving sweets and […]

Restaurant Reviews: Delhi Heights, Jackson Heights Queens, NYC

Delhi Heights is a relatively new addition to the Indian buffet friendly neighborhood of Jackson Heights Queens. Since I was there earlier than normal, my favorite spot, Indian Taj was not open. Forced to break with tradition I decided to check out these guys and their $7/ lunch box meal. The buffet had about 10 […]

Indian Snack Review: Garvi Gujarat Jamnagari Gathiya (Gluten Free, Vegan)

Gathiya is a delicious crunchy snack made of chickpea (aka garbanzo flour aka gram aka besan) flour popular all over India. This version is Jamnagari style, named for a town in Gujarat. It’s seasoned with ajwain (bishop weed), black pepper and cumin. The individual pieces are actually about an inch long making them larger than […]

Balaji Wafers, Magic Masala Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

These Balaji “wafers” were picked up at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights for $1.49. The wafers are actually potato chips (I wasn’t aware the words are used interchangeably). The flavor, masala munch is delicious. The ingredients contain no gluten and have a splendid balance of sweet and sour owed largely to the sugar, chilly powder […]

Product Review: Rajah Tandoori Masala (Used with Tofu and Chicken)

Product Review: Rajah Tandoori Masala I’ve tried 3 or 4 other brands of tandoori masala. So far the Rajah brand has been the easiest and tastiest. I picked it up at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights Queens. It’s not necessary, unlike other brands to add yogurt and or butter. You simply add and rub on […]

Product Review: Gits Uttapam and Gits Sambhar Mix

Over time it’s important to learn fundamental foods such as chili, the perfect burger, dal, aloo dum, etc. From the the South Indian cannon I’d add sambhar and uttapams among other items to that list. Sometimes though, convenience wins the day. These Gits mixes, on sale for only $0.99, require little prep and a just […]

Deep Plaintain Chips (Ruffled)

Deep is a well known snack brand from India, going back to 1977.  These nice and simple plantain chips contain just three ingredients: plantains, oil and salt. Plantain chips are typically crunchy but being kettle cooked and ruffled takes it up a notch. In addition to impressive crunchiness the flavor is hearty with a mild […]

Jabsons Roasted Chana Review

The Jabsons Roasted Chana slick packaging caught my eye at Patel Brothers in Atlanta (1711 Church St, Decatur, GA). Around since 1922, they hand roast which is certainly unusual to find in a packaged good. The packet is 150g or 5.29oz. The copy indicates the product is Gujarati style. The chickpeas are quite small, about […]

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits are my favorite Indian biscuit. Not because of taste alone but because of association. It always makes me think of visiting family in Kolkata. At tea time we’d almost always have these biscuits. I love the sprinkled sugar and faint coconut flavor. They also have a fun rectangular shape and crinkled edges […]

Bolst Curry Powder (Mild)

Bolst Curry Powder Mild (100g, 3.53 oz) I’m loyal to Bolst curry powder because honestly it was one of first spice mixes I bought as my interest in cooking grew. I’ve tried several other brands which are all collecting dust. The initial appeal was the packaging. I love that it’s a canister which you get […]