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The latest food inspiration from my landlord: Barbeque

Yesterday the Landlord and company were having the best smelling barbeque. He has unwittingly provided me food ideas multiple times lately.  The closest I had to barbeque was a McCormick Mesquite spice which I mixed with panko breadcrumbs and coated chicken burgers. I opted for pan-frying. They turned out great.   They had just the […]


Updated: Unnecessary Liveblogging – Spoonbread is done

Update: Please see before and after pictures below. Spoonbread is not the most photo friendly food but it was delicious. It works well with baked beans because it’s fun to breakup and add into the sauce.It’s also covertly a desert since our version was on the sweet side. We made a few modifications from the […]

Unnecessary Liveblogging: Spoonbread is forthcoming…..this is very exciting

The spoonbread will be ready in around 30 minutes and I’m super excited. I don’t know much about baking and am a cornbread novice. (Not counting a delicious Chi-Chi’s Sweet Corn Cake packet from the grocery. I can’t find a link to the product itself so that is a copycat link). Yesterday I mentioned on […]