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A Good Cake Is Hard to Find (in Manhattan)

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! All I see are cupcakes! An old friend of mine and his fiance flew up all the way from Tennesee to elope in New York. After 8 years it was wonderful to catch up and finally meet his better half. Yesterday we met up at the NY Marriage Bureau located on Worth and […]


Leske’s Bakery in Park Slope: Cinnamon Raisin Bread

The other day I posted about the disappointing hot cross bun from Leske’s bakery in Park Slope. As promised I wanted to check out other items to give a more fair assessment on this new to the nabe business. Open since 1961 in Bay Ridge, they specialize in Scandanavian sweets along with fresh breads, and […]

Hot Cross Buns: Leske’s Bakery and Boulangerie Lopez

Hot cross buns are one of the most popular baked goods associated with Easter. The buns generally look like slider rolls but bear a cross of frosting on top symbolizing the crucifixion. Depending on the bakery they’ll contain raisins or other dried fruit inside and the dough is sometimes made with cinnamon. Other times, there […]