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What is the difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams?

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving today! This chart comes from Lifehacker and it answers the age old question: What is the difference between the sweet potato and yam?  

Wipe Those Onion Tears Away

Everyone who steps foot in a kitchen dreads chopping onions. But are the involuntary tears the price the cook must pay to get that lovely flavor? Here is a brief explanation via wikipedia on the science behind the tears and below that are the best ways to avoid the tears altogether: …Chopping an onion causes […]

Wine Tasting: Perception vs Reality

Wine tasting. After seeing movies like Sideways and visiting vineyards, who doesn’t enjoy describing wine? This slightly provocative article from Lifehacker asserts that expectation has just as much if not more to do with enjoyment of a wine than actual flavor. In 2001, Frederic Brochet conducted two experiments at the University of Bordeaux. In one […]